Brazil Missions Trip

Saturday, October 17, 2020

Shalom will have this wonderful crescendo to our international ministry efforts. This is another exciting opportunity for Shalom as our ministry partners in Brazil are poised to receive our ministry to both women and men. The women will conduct a well attended conference hosted by multiple churches who have come together to receive cross-cultural dialogue on addressing the unique needs of a woman, body, mind and spirit.

There will be both Brazil and US women who will introduce "The encounter" by concentrating on the ways and means to bring holistic transformation into the lives of women. There will be workshops, panel discussions and nightly services throughout the city and the environment will be charged with God's glory as our sisters' exchange powerful Biblical principles that bring about change for the hurting and the healed. Likewise, we will come with a team of spirit filled men who will conduct our "Dunimas meetings," which is a series of teaching centered around the use of power.