Zambia Missions Trip

Monday, June 22, 2020

Shalom's mission to Zambia is unique in that we have a powerful ministry partner in Global Frontier International under the leadership of Bishop Joshua and Gladys Banda. Our efforts will manifest in Lusaka with a far reaching series of events tailored for Women and men in possible separate venues and with differing thrusts. The sisters will gather to address some of the issues that uniquely impact the lives of women and these efforts will be called "The Encounter," as we endeavor to put women in contact with God Who alone can facilitate personal and collective advancement – body, mind and spirit. The men will assemble to have discussion centered around power. Like in other nations we will conduct our "Dunimas meetings," which is a series of teaching centered around the use of power. The use of power by leaders (Gov't, family, tribe etc.) will be scrutinized by God and may be a measurement of success or failure in manhood. All of this is buttressed by our wonderful fellowship with the Northmeade Assemblies of God Church and our many friends in the choir and congregation.