Ghana Missions Trip

Wednesday, May 13, 2020
Shalom will surge into new regions of Ghana in an effort to expand the scale and scope of our work in this beautiful West African nation. We will meet with women with powerful sessions that will elevate their thinking while grounding their walk with God. Once again, these efforts will be called "The Encounter", as we endeavor to put women in contact with God Who alone can facilitate personal and collective advancement – body, mind and spirit.

We intend to launch a nursing school for midwives, which will save the lives of both women and children both of whom have been disproportionately been effected by a lack of access to stable pre-natal care. Meanwhile, we will conduct our "Dunimas meetings," which is a series of teachings centered around the use of power. The use of power by leaders (Gov't, family, tribe etc.) will be scrutinized by God and may be a measurement of success or failure in manhood.